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I waited a year to post last time, so I figured I better wait two years this time. This blog is mostly about my projects. If you're looking for publishing information or services, please see . Or send me an email. Brewing Beer I've been brewing beer for about seven months or so. Results have varied, but they continue to improve. I'm currently fermenting a brown ale with coffee and vanilla, and I'm planning a hefeweizen. Maybe I'll write more about this someday when it would actually be helpful for the readers. Njaim / Sun-Valley Vista split... Admittedly, I haven't been so productive with my music project. I've been playing and writing but I haven't exactly "released" anything lately. You can see stuff on . But my friend from Sun-Valley Vista asked me to do a small split with him. We each put out an original track and a cover of a song written by the other artist. Sun-

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