Song series

I've began a series of songs exploring dreams. The basic concept is to write "pop songs" about the characters in my dream without regard to them in my waking life. Naturally, since dreams can be a representation of real life, this doesn't necessarily disconnect the person as a fictional character.

The first recorded song in this series is titled "A Candle"


i've always been fascinated by the science of sleep and the way our mind interweaves the reality into our nightly dreams (hence my obsession on the movie 'the science of sleep, i highly recommend you watch it). but it just so happens that my internet connection is astoundingly slow these few days (can't even upload a single post), i couldn't load the video properly. *sigh~

i'll be sure to watch it tomorrow night.

p/s; i've been having the same recurring dream for the past 8 years (it stopped about a year ago). if you don't mind me asking, do you have one that felt so real, it haunts you?

I want to say I've seen the movie, but I can't be for sure--either way--next time I'm stumped for film, I'll look it up.

I've had recurring dreams that have come and gone from childhood, but none of them have surfaced in years. Lately, it feels like my dreams are one long string of consciousness, somehow interconnected, even with the paradox of poor continuity.

A lot of my dreams are very real, and because I'm prone to obsessing, sometimes I have a hard time telling which perceived memory is dream or "fact."

I have a lot of third person view dreams, as well--where I'll die, but not wake up, for instance.
my dreams are either being chased or nothing at all. i'd love to be able to be somewhere impossible in my dreams and later be extremely frustrated once i wake up (for the reason that i can never go there ever again). i quite like that feeling.

i think that the fact that you're prone to obsessing adds a touch of excitement to your waking hours.

how does it affect you in reality?

have you ever had your dreams interpreted?
"i hung my coat, i kicked my shoe, in my left shirt pocket, i carry you"

oh, i esp love that part!
Thanks for your kind comment on the song--that's my favorite part, too.

I've studied dream interpretation and several of my friends have, too. But I've never went to a psychologist or anything. And anyway, I'd like to believe that dream interpretation should be personal due to the differences in how one person's mind works compared to another. (Though I'm not sure I do believe that.)

Well--I've always been somewhat obsessive about things, so yeah, I'd say it affects everything.

And I tend to write down my dreams in some way or another, which leads to personal interpretation, which leads to a line of thought that I generally hold onto until the next line of thought that blows my mind. I tend to stare off into space--so there's that.

And as far as excitement, it goes both ways really. Sometimes the obsession gets on my nerves, and comes in the form of repeating thoughts like "All humans are machines."
i've always believed that my mom is actually a robot. i usually have dreamless sleep (apart from the recurring dream i had) and everyone i know seems to have a part in it, except my mom. i think she must be.

i read about dreams and its interpretation before and i think that they are rather absurd and more often than not, irrelevant. so yeah, i do agree that it is a personal thing.

staring into space, that's a good a thing. to me, it is. it takes the weight off of my shoulder and for a moment (i wonder if an hour can be considered as 'a moment') i feel happy. innocent, almost. like a newborn baby.

i don't think that we have a lot of time to spare to just sit and stare but you and me, we seem to be doing that a lot. i can't help but wonder why.

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