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Beers. Beats. Books. Battlestar Galactica.

I waited a year to post last time, so I figured I better wait two years this time.

This blog is mostly about my projects. If you're looking for publishing information or services, please see Or send me an email.

Brewing Beer
I've been brewing beer for about seven months or so. Results have varied, but they continue to improve.

I'm currently fermenting a brown ale with coffee and vanilla, and I'm planning a hefeweizen. Maybe I'll write more about this someday when it would actually be helpful for the readers.

Njaim / Sun-Valley Vista split...
Admittedly, I haven't been so productive with my music project. I've been playing and writing but I haven't exactly "released" anything lately. You can see stuff on

But my friend from Sun-Valley Vista asked me to do a small split with him. We each put out an original track and a cover of a song written by the other artist.

Sun-Valley Vista's song…

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