Apparently, it's been almost a year since I posted on my personal site. Rest assure, I'm still around. Here's a handful of projects I've been working on other than my usual freelancer duties.

Njaim's "honeydew" ep 7" limited edition lathe-cut record

I'm putting out a limited edition lathe-cut record. Only 10 copies of this 7" record exist. This is part of my no-goals, poorly produced, lofi/anti-folk/indie music project called Njaim. Already available to stream for free, follow the link to pre-order. Can't promise there will be any left. Free downloads activate and records start to ship on or before May 29th, 2016 (my 28th birthday).

"Amplifried" - homemade "functional folk art" guitar amps

Check out my Etsy store: Amplifried 

I've been building homemade "functional folk art" guitar amps. Sometimes I repaper crusty cigar boxes. Sometimes I use old radios. The circuits for the amps are generally taken from old electronics, such as cassette recorders/players, which are then repurposed as a guitar amp. The end result is an amp with a unique distortion sound built in.

I've had the pleasure of working with a client turned friend from across the ocean in Hawaii. He's been slowly but surely organizing a legitimate charity/therapy effort to help musicians and veterans with hearing damage. Part of this involves putting together a collection of guitar and amp pairings setup for lower volumes without the loss of interesting tones/sounds. The intention is for these to be auctioned off for fundraising purposes. Below is the demo video I sent him prior to shipping it off.

Leaf Garden Press

I'm still the editor/publisher/curator of Leaf Garden Press. I'm currently not taking new manuscript submissions, but the press isn't closed and submissions will reopen once all the books in queue have been published.

Over the past year, I've worked directly with authors to release seven free / name-your-price / sold-at-cost books, and STILL have more in the oven. Click on the book covers below to check them out.





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