I am the editor and publisher at Leaf Garden Press, and I encourage you to take a look at our latest titles for some idea of my work. LGP is a not-for-profit effort to release great poetry, fiction, and non-fiction in book formats and priced at the lowest possible cost. I do not offer services through LGP, so please use the information below to contact me.

I handle formatting and layout for print and ebook editions at the Pedestrian Press as well.

Freelance Services:

To support my hamburger habit, I work full-time as a freelance editor and publisher. My services include formatting (and help publishing) books in print and digital formats, proofreading, editing, and other publishing-related tasks.

My current rate is $20 per hour. However, I never charge for administrative time or consultation, and this keeps my rates much lower than industry standards. You will only be charged on the actual work completed on your manuscript.

I am more than happy to offer you a no-strings-attached price quote for your entire project. For those on tighter budgets, please mention this. I am willing to work with you on pricing, especially if you have a passion project like a book of poems that is unlikely to have a high return on investment. I love poetry, and love working with self-published authors.

I typically work 9AM-5PM PST Monday-Friday, so response times during business hours is generally pretty quick.

My specialties include:
  • CreateSpace (i.e. print formatting for books to be released as print-on-demand at
  • Kindle Direct Publishing (i.e. Kindle eBooks to be released on
  • Smashwords (i.e. an aggregation service that distributes your book to pretty much every other major eBook retailer)
  • Self-publishing in general. Other than cover art, I can act as your go-to guy throughout the entire process, from editing the book to making it available in major retailers online. More specifically, I can offer you free consultation before you make any costly decisions.

In short: if it's publishing related, I can probably help you out or at least point you in the right direction.

To learn more about my services, contact me at or take a peak at my Upwork profile to see my feedback.

These freelance marketplaces serve as a good indication of the level of quality and professionalism you should expect when entering a client-contractor relationship with me, but you will NOT have to have an account at Upwork to hire me. I will gladly work with you directly via email.

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