If I wanted holiday, I'd go alone.

Some time ago the nice folk at Red Fez nominated my poem "Katie or Amanda or Brittany" for Sundress Publications Best of the Net 2010. Pretty cool.

Two of my poems were published in the inaugural issue of Temporary Infinity. You can read the issue for free in PDF format: http://ti-writes.com/TempInfinityV1I1.pdf. There's no major snobbishness to it. I like that.

I've been working on Cubbyholes, an audio-textual-visual project (including "music" and "poetry" by myself) to be released in collaboration with Crack Crack. This release will be limited to a run of 25 physical copies. That makes it limited edition. You can hear/read more about it later. I'm going to pretend you're humoring me and nodding your head, like you'll remember to keep track of whatever-the-fuck-it-is I'm doing.

Leaf Garden is returning to an unofficial publishing schedule for the time being. If you've come here from there, rest assure, we're not a "dead press." We're just people with a lot of our own shit going on. And I apparently have no time management skills.


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