the beast's 9-nippled revelations

I've mostly been working on song-writing rather than churning out poetry. The music project Eason and Louis is "back together." (Myself and Cody Shaffer.) The music project Njaim is still dancing in limbo. Nothing is ready for release. In the meantime: how about some poetry? Eh?

Here's a couple poems. Both of these were written due to e-mails from Melanie Browne. The first one is based on something I said, and the second was cut-up using a work-in-progress and the cut up machine ( and then edited using my brain.

"The thousand year reign"

Rode up on your Whitey,
Came scratching your nuts,
Saying, "You're a pain, father."

A politician,
A business man,
Never lost a sales-pitch,
"Do you want the candy-canes
or the mistle-toe?"

"I don't care," Christ shrugged,
not too concerned with
the knick-knack,
The apathy he'd bought.

The resolution:
Closing the page halfway through
The Beast's 9-nippled Revelations.


see doorways,
see it to the railing
out the silent drawn building
the overmade after-hollow
she felt cautious for her uncontrollable glowing
yet completely over moon and creaky smiles
gentle, an empty room
closer felt,
turned landscape.


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