And the Household, and other publications.

First of all, my poem titled "Our Third Wheel" is being published in Issue #7 of The Delinquent, and my poem titled "Math Books" is being published in the December, 2008 issue of Lucid Rhythms.

Anyway, I was looking for a certain poem of mine today using Google, and I ran across several places already selling my book, And the Household. I've listed a few of them:

Place: Amazon (Here)
Price: (New) $19.95, Used (from $19.02)

Place: Barnes and Noble (Here)
Price: (New) $19.95, (Member's) $17.95
Note: All the "People who bought this also bought..." books are vampire related, or at least sound vampire related. My book has nothing to do with vampires, for the record.

Place: Tower Books (Here)
Price: (New) $23.95
Note: It is under the category Books » Fiction and Literature » Christian-Historical. This book is not Christian, nor is it Historical. It is Christian and History friendly, though--I guess.

Place: Fishpond (Here)
Price: $53.99
Note: This is an Australian bookstore.

Place: (Here)
Price: (New) $28.50, (Used/Rare) $33.00-65.45
Note: This is the Canadian source. Its cheaper new...

Using Google's product search, I found one location that put the cost at $100,000 (but thank goodness! the price included tax and shipping.) The link did not lead to the same price, however.

I might note that the book is printed on demand by the publisher--so there should never be any need to pay more than $19.95. If you buy the book and you're unsatisfied then let me know and I'll send you a book in the mail that you'll love. If you don't love that book then I'll part with you saying, "Gee, you're hopeless!" as I smack my knee very affectionately.

To the Pilgrims: Happy Thanksgiving!
To the Native Americans: Sorry.


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