Poetry, presses, and punk rock.

There are three more of my poems featured at MadSwirl.com (see link on the right)

I'm looking for poets/artists to possibly start a collaborative experiment with. This project will be something like the project with Melanie Browne and Zachary German titled "Question Marx" (see right hand link). If you might be interested, e-mail me at njaim-music@hotmail.com.

At Leaf Garden Press, we're almost ready to release the first issue of Leaf Garden. I've been extremely pleased with the submissions we've been receiving.

You need to get a copy of Melanie Browne's new chapbook, "Heaven is a Giant Pawn Shop" (through erbacce press)

I might be giving punk guitar lessons soon. You can (but probably won't) expect some fun songs.

P.S. My book, "And the Household" is currently #4,460,656 on Amazon.com's seller's list. Ha ha.


i have read your collection of semi-narrative poems 'and my engine kicked' and i absolutely love it. 'our third wheel' hit me hard and that's exactly why it's my fave. 'our third wheel' literally sent a shiver down my spine for reasons i couldn't quite comprehend.

and i was wondering if melanie browne's new chapbook is available in bookstores.


Thank you for your kind comment, it really makes my day. I've decided to pull "And my engine kicked," from Leaf Garden Press, to add and work on it and a novella I plan to release along with it, either through another press or Leaf Garden Press. Probably LGP, because I want people to be able to read it for free and purchase it as cheap as possible.

I don't believe Melanie's chapbook is available in stores, but I can ask. If it's a problem to order it because you don't have a credit card or whatever, I can get a copy from her and have it sent your way. It's generally 10 dollars including shipping, which might be higher since you apparently live in Malaysia. If you're interested in that, you can e-mail me at njaim-music@hotmail.com and we'll work out the details. I may be biased, but I think it's an excellent chapbook regardless.

And seriously thank you,
a novella? i'm anticipating your next work. what really interests me is the originality of the things you wrote. your writings are random and not stuck to a single (and commonly used) idea.

i googled (wonder if that's even a word) it and read some reviews on melanie's chapbook and i found it rather eccentric. i'm intrigued and would love to read the whole book!

i am going to ask an friend of a friend of mine who works at a local bookstore (that offers rare books ordering and shipping service) about it. i will let you know how things work out.

take care!

Thank you--
I spent a long time trying to "find my style"--and finally figured out that, while it probably doesn't help me get noticed, never settling down seems much more likely to lead to something I'm proud of.

If the bookstore plan doesn't work for you, just let me know--I'll help get a copy your way.
i agree.

self satisfaction is, without a doubt, the best reward one can give to oneself. even if it doesn't get get you a lot of coverage.

i will, thank you very much! i really appreciate that.


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