The Agnostic Nihilist's Doctrine

A few updates.

I have a 2nd book coming out with Bygawd Books titled The Agnostic Nihilist's Doctrine (And Other Lies.) Probably in the summer time. Hopefully the next book or collection won't sound like it's overtly religious.

Also at Bygawd Books, there's a second release of God loves rich kids and we smoke off the same cigarette on its way. It'll be cheaper, apparently. I think that's cool. Accessibility is important. You can still get "first edition" copies for now, though.

Over at Leaf Garden Press, Melanie and I have opened submissions for issue #9, which has an "experimental" theme. Issue #8 is still in production and should be available in March. We're working on a couple books still.

I have work forthcoming at Clockwise Cat and the Bicycle Review. I think.

Projects of my own that I'm actually working on:

Nothing. Assignments for a school where I go to get that degree that I don't think I'll use.

And I've been invited to collaborate with another author with work coming from the low-down Bygawd Books, but that's just talk right now.

Love and peace and things.


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