Clockwise Cat

My poem "Victimization" is in issue 16 of Clockwise Cat.

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Mmkayla Roderic and I are putting a book together. We're looking for some visual artists and other writers to be included. We're looking for people in their early 20s, preferably. Vulgarity is welcomed. If you might be interested, check out and drop Mmkayla an e-mail.


I saw. Thought provoking.
But do we really need to nationalize the children of future time?

I haven't got around to submit my work. How frustrating. This is the problem when I've got monkeys to feed on a weekly basis. Is it still on? Can I still submit my work? When is the deadline exactly?

P/s; is dead. I've migrated to
It's a matter of national security that we nationalize the children of future time. But I personally think nationalism is a form of prejudice.

You can still submit to Crack Crack. There's not a deadline. Just until the book gets filled. It's about half filled now.

P.S. I know. I'll fix my link now.

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