6 poems, etc.

Five of my poems have appeared in the Muse Cafe's first issue. This includes prose-poems, free verse, etc. You can find them here: http://www.stacylynnmar.com/MuseCafeQuarterly.html

My poem, "Eason & Louis #3" appears in the Summer issue of The CommonLine Project, which is a favorite zine of mine. This whole issue is great, seriously. http://common-line.com

Over at Leaf Garden Press, we're getting ready to release the third issue of Leaf Garden, and working on Changming Yuan's poetry collection, "Chansons of a Chinaman."

The third issue is mostly poetry, and includes poets such as Jason Hardung, Howie Good, and Charles Clifford Brooks III, among other amazing writers. We've been getting great submissions from all sorts of styles and schools of thought--you wouldn't even believe how lucky we've been if I tried to show you.

Changming Yuan's work is so culturally relevent for the East and West, that I can't help telling you that you need to go read what we've sampled on the site: http://leafgardenpress.blogspot.com/2009/06/chansons-of-chinaman-by-changming-yuan.html. We've been having a marvelous return on review blurbs.

You can now add Leaf Garden Press and me (Robert Louis Henry) on facebook, if you'd like to stay connected.

I'm sure there's something vulgar on the tip of my tongue, but it's just not coming out.

Just assume I've said something rude.


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