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Over at Leaf Garden, there's some staffing change going on. Instead of just taking on new editors and seeing how it works, I've decided to make issue #10 guest edited in hopes of one or more of the guests and myself feeling like they'd be a good fit to stay on with Leaf Garden. The guest editors are Sandy Ellston, Andrew Fortier, Hala Hoagland, Melanie Huber, and Serena Tome.

Crack Crack is likely to get swallowed by Leaf Garden Press and to shift focus from all forms of media to independent music and possibly film. More on that later, if and when it happens.

I've been writing/playing music more than writing/submitting poetry/prose. A lot of it is kind-of soft and simple and short. I've been listening to a lot of Sparklehorse and Ryland Bouchard. Maybe that's why? Some of the songs are on my YouTube page.

This is the newest one. It includes the poem "Underwater and Breathing through Straws," which was published at Tinfoildresses. It also includes the simplest percussion track ever and some acoustic slide guitar drenched in wahwah. The picture is my current backyard. It reminds me of Sigur Ros' interesting stage decorum.


Leaf Garden said…
He did it in the area I grew up. I'm still sad about this. RIP.
melrosie69 said…
I like this. very much.

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