Monday, May 3, 2010

This is the least anything ever (again)

New issue of Leaf Garden is out.

I have work coming out with the Bicycle Review and Temporary Infinity and Vox Poetica. Maybe somewhere else?

Working on an anthology as a contributor and designer/publisher with Crack Crack. Also working on some lo-fi "avant-garde" music possibly for Crack Crack as well. (You can sneak in and listen to what's "finished" on my Bandcamp page.)

Still working on a book with Bygawd Books. Not really working on it. Just waiting. And such.

Working on an e-chap with Mmkayla (from Crack Crack) for Bygawd as well. Most likely going to start helping with their design elements.

I think most of this is just repeated updates that I've already mentioned.

I'm moving back to the mountains in a couple weeks. Trying to decide what to do about school and shit. Yep.

Hearts and fluffy stuff.



where is this mountain you're going to?

Robert Louis Henry said...

It's in East Tennessee, where I grew up. I've lived at the foothills of the Smoky Mountains most my life.

There's a hiking trail around here that leads to hell, though. That's what I was referring to.