This is the least anything ever (again)

New issue of Leaf Garden is out.

I have work coming out with the Bicycle Review and Temporary Infinity and Vox Poetica. Maybe somewhere else?

Working on an anthology as a contributor and designer/publisher with Crack Crack. Also working on some lo-fi "avant-garde" music possibly for Crack Crack as well. (You can sneak in and listen to what's "finished" on my Bandcamp page.)

Still working on a book with Bygawd Books. Not really working on it. Just waiting. And such.

Working on an e-chap with Mmkayla (from Crack Crack) for Bygawd as well. Most likely going to start helping with their design elements.

I think most of this is just repeated updates that I've already mentioned.

I'm moving back to the mountains in a couple weeks. Trying to decide what to do about school and shit. Yep.

Hearts and fluffy stuff.


where is this mountain you're going to?
It's in East Tennessee, where I grew up. I've lived at the foothills of the Smoky Mountains most my life.

There's a hiking trail around here that leads to hell, though. That's what I was referring to.

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